A Few Topics

I want to cover a few topics today. First the comment yesterday about this blog being somewhat of a xxx blog and all we talk about is sex and stuff. First off all comments are welcome good or bad we can take it. Only time we remove comments is if they are hateful or hurtful or if they threaten us or any of are readers. Other than that comments are welcome even if you don't like this blog. Before you jump us for talking about sex or telling weather me or Mikey is a top or a bottom I ask you to read more of this blog.

I as well as Mikey have covered a lot of different topics. I have found most people that read this blog don't come here to read about news. They can go to cnn.com for that. I do write about what's going on in the world if it hits me the wrong way but other than that I see no since in writing about something most people know about already. This is a personal blog not a news blog. If you did read more of this blog than the first page you would have known I cover Hillary Clinton, gay marriage, hate crimes and yes even Bush. I think my best piece in a while was when I shared my thoughts on the war and my friend/neighbor soldier Andy. Just remember your comments are welcome and we like to answer them.

Another Topic

My Mom has this friend that drives her crazy let me explain. Just please try not to take this the wrong way because I do understand more than people think about being poor. We were blessed in life with money. I guess you can say I have never gone without anything. I guess you could say I was spoiled. My parents was always there to help when someone was down on their luck. When people around where we lived would lose their house cause of a fire or a storm they would jump in and help. Last year when the hurricanes tore through America they help then also as I did. I gave a month of allowance to the humane society for the lost animals cause of the storms.

Back to why I am writing this. My Mom's friend she comes over and always cries about being broke and not having money to pay this or buy that and it drives my Mom crazy. My Mom has helped this lady so much it's not even funny and it's like the only thing this lady talks about is money. Her and her husband have good jobs but Dad says they spend money on stupid stuff that is not needed or that could wait but they like keeping up with the Jones. They eat out almost everyday. I know this because her son is a friend of my brother and he comes over a lot and eats with us. He said he likes coming for dinner cause we cook.

This lady is not ashamed to air out their money troubles but runs out and buys the kids a xbox 360. Do you know how much them cost? When the kids already have every game system that is on the market. That is just one example there are a ton more I could speak of but I won't. My Dad always told me that some family business is best left in the family and shouldn't be talked about. I understand that and I don't know. I think airing out your money troubles to the world is just wrong or asking for money cause you spend yours on things that are not important is just wrong. Am I wrong for thinking this way?

Later from Atlanta.
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