10 Questions

We had a lot of questions come in so we thought we would take some and answer them today. These were the most common questions so we thought we would just have a 10 question day and give you some info on us. We are always up to answering your questions so don't be scared to ask them. Don't have any thing planned this weekend Mikey don't either he has to work Saturday night but other than that nothing. I bet we will be on the phone a lot with each other and yes you perverts some hot phone sex. That's it for today folks hope you all have a great weekend!

Ryan's answers are in blue.
Mikey's answers in red.

1. Where was you born?
Atlanta Georgia
Montgomery West Virginia. Which is where I happen to be right now.

2. What is your heritage?
This is a good question My Dad is from England my Mom is from Florida and her Mom is part Micanopy Indian and the have Italian and some German in them.

Thats hard to answer. All my people on my father and mothers side are from around here. I have heard older relatives say we came from Germany so maybe Im German

3. Top or bottom?
Mainly a bottom but do top sometimes.

Hmm I'd say Im a top. To be honest Ive not had much experience since Ryan was my first but probably 90 % of the time Im top. Hey with what he's got I have to make him use it some right

4. If you could marry would you?
I would marry Mikey tomorrow if he was willing.

In a second and Ive already got my eye on a certain cute guy.

5. Do you believe you found your soul mate?
Yes I know I found him.

Easy to answer. I know Ive found him

6. Would you ever have a 3 way?
No I wouldn't. I totally believe in one on one and bringing a 3rd in is asking for trouble.

No way. Im not sharing Ryan with anybody

7. Would you ever do a porno?
I would only if Mikey would do it with me.

As shy as I am Id have to say no. Maybe some home movies for private viewing.

8. What is your favorite food?
I love all kinds of food my favorite is barbeque and pizza of course.

I got all kinds. Pizza, lasagna, pinto beans and cornbread, meatloaf and mash potatoes just to name a few.

9. What's your favorite gadget?
My laptop and my cock!

Not really into gadgets so Ill say my computer. Oh and Ryans cock.

10. How did each of you realize you are gay and how did you handle coming out?
I think my Mom knew before me or she claim she did. She made it easy for me to come out. Coming out for me was easy all but my Dad he had a hard time dealing with it still does sometimes. I didn't have any troubles until later in my life last year of high school as many of you know I was jump by a group of guys and beat up real good all because they said I was different. I didn't let them get me down they didn't let my light burn out. This little light of my still shines bright!

Ive known I reckon since I was about 6 probably. As for coming out that's not easy to do around here. I haven't really came out although when my "father" was alive he called me queer and mamas boy all the time so I think he knew. My mom knows I think but it's just not discussed. You may be thinking how do I explain Ryan. Well I don't she doen't know about him. The trips I take she just thinks Im going to the races or taking fishing trips or whatever.

Later from Atlanta & West Virginia.
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