A Night To Remember

I don't know if it's a southern thing or maybe my family is just strange. See when it comes to death in the family we don't have a wake and we don't sit around and cry. We celebrate the person's life that passed away. We talk about how much they meant to us and how they made us laugh we celebrate them. Don't get me wrong there are tears and we are sad that they are gone but the joy they brought to our lives is what we like to talk about.

Now once a year my Mom has this thing she does that she calls a night to remember. What she does is she gets the photo albums out and we sit and talk about the people that has passed on. We celebrate them again and we just laugh and tell stories of how these people touched are lives. I have had a few friends that found what we did very strange that they didn't celebrate a person death and thought it was just wrong. Maybe it is maybe it's is a southern thing. So I am wondering what do you all think? How do you all handle death?

Well tomorrow is Thursday and Mikey has some really cool but different pics for tomorrows HNT. He has another topic he is going to talk about that he found a little strange when he was here with me. I am looking forward to your input on it. I went to the doctor today and he found when I had surgery for my knee a few years ago that I had a piece of bone that has a splinter on it and it is what's causing my knee to act up. He said I will have to come in for surgery to remove it. I can do it when I want. It will be same day surgery and he said it shouldn't be any big deal. I hope.

Happy Hump Day from Atlanta.

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