A Pest

I feel like we made it to the big time now. Why does it always seem like when our blog takes off someone always wants to trash it. I have had two other blogs and stop blogging cause I let people get to me and now we have a pest. It took a while for this blog to get going and when I ended my blog I said I wouldn't blog anymore but Mikey ask me to join his so I did. Things were slow at first but people started coming and leaving us comments and we so love that.

We love that you like to read what we have to say and that you leave us comments but why does it always come back to the same shit. Ryan & Mikey are fake this blog is fake all that crap. I want to end this blog and just say fuck it and stop blogging period but Mikey says if we do that then we gave in and the pest wins. I guess so but it only would take me one click to make this blog go away.

Why are we always questioned on who we are? If this blog bothers you so much why do you read it? There is a red x on the top of the page if you think we our fake then close the box and move on. We are having a very nice weekend at the beach house we had taken a lot of pictures but thanks to the pest I told Mikey I don't want to show them now. Make sure you thank the pest for fucking everything up for the rest of us. So to all our readers that shows the love and believes in us I want to say thank you very much. Now I know what Scotty & Ethan feels like with their pest.

That's it for today I have a few more hours with Mikey I am going to go and enjoy him. He will have a post tomorrow I'm sure. I think I will take a few days off from blogging and be back for HNT maybe.
Later from someone in America.
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