My Weekend

Im making this post to show Ryan how to deal with the haters. You ignore them cause their just jealous they don't have someone like Ryan and I have each other. I will be posting pics we took. Ryan wasn't wanting to but we took them and Im posting them.

A couple people asked what type of job interviews I went on. Let me just say they have to do with the law enforcement field. You were also asking how they went. Well 2 went really good and one well didn't go all that well but 2 out of 3 ain't bad. After Ryan got home from Friday we left for his beach house. We got there a little late so there wasn't much to do other than go to bed. We were both tired so we just showered and called it a nite. Ok so I got some in the shower what do you expect and he woke me up in the middle of the nite for some so we wasn't that tired I reckon.

We stayed in bed till about noon Saturday then finally decided to get up. We went out on the beach a little later and walked some and sat and enjoyed the sun. We met 2 other guys who were there for the weekend also. They were both cute one of them especially. We got to talking and they invited us to dinner with them. The place was called The Crab Shack. Ive never really ate much seafood in my life but the food was great. We got back to the house and just cuddled up on the couch and watched some tv for a while. When we did go to bed I told Ryan I wanted to try the pillow techinque Brad has been talking about and wanting us to. Brad I got to tell you it was good but nothing compares to rubbing my cock between Ryans ass cheeks. So when his ass isn't around it will be a good substitute.

We didn't go out at all Sunday. Just laid in bed made love I don't know how many times waiting for the race to start. I don't know of a better way to kill time. The race was great my boy Kasey was upfront with the leaders all day and had a chance to win. Oh he did win a race Saturday nite in the Busch series so that was cool but I missed it cause we was out. Ryan's boy Brian didn't do so well in the race he finished around 24th or so Im not sure. Im sure he'll do better in the next race at Atlanta. After the race I was determined to enjoy my last nite with my baby and lets just say I did that and more.

Monday come and I had to get back home but I didn't leave till about noon. So you know what we did until it was time for me to leave. I wont bore anyone with the details lets just say I got enough to last me for a while. The drive home was ok I didn't have any trouble. Now Im at home waiting to hear something from my interviews. They said a few days but I know how that goes it may be longer.

This is Ryan's parents beach house. No wait dont't tell me its fake cause Tybee Island don't allow black SUV's on it.

I took a pic of the bed before it got all messed up. Yep that's where all the action took place:)

Pics of the beach. That's not a real bird its stuffed. i posed it there. Those birds aren't on Tybee Island. Whatever!!

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