Something To Think About

I try to stay away from most political topics. I think most of you know how I feel about what's going on in the government now. I read something that ticked me off I was all ready to throw all my support behind this person until I read this article. I am talking about Hillary I was hoping she would run for president in 2008. Now I hope she don't I am not to happy with what she stands for now. I will have the article link please take the time to read it. I think you might change your mind how you feel about her also.

I agree with the writer. I think we should support someone who should support us 100% not just when it helps them out. I am not sure who that person is just yet and I hope they stand up soon so we can get behind them and support them 100%. When is this country going to see we all should have the same equal rights not just some of us. I am so sick of hearing about marriage is sacred That is such bullshit when people marry 5 or 6 times or when shows on TV asking who wants to marry whatever how is that sacred? All I know is were not suppose to judge other people and when religions use the bible to hate and they think that makes it ok that is just wrong.

Here's the link please go read it.
It takes a backbone, Hillary

In other news I talk to Mom last night and she said it was ok for me and Mikey to go and stay at the beach house out on Savannah Island. I can't wait I called him last night and told him and we talked about what we were going to do and it turn out to be a hot phone sex session. I know I am such a slut but hey got to do what you have to do when your boyfriend lives in another state. That's about it for today make sure you check in on HNT. I want say thanks for all the comments and for the new readers. It makes doing this blog so much fun.

Later from Atlanta. is one of the place I get my gay news from.
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