A Little Step

Well Im getting closer to taking the big step and moving down to Atlanta to be with my sweetie. Ive filled out a number of applications online in the past week. I don't want to just up and move down there and not have a job ready for me. That would put a lot of pressure on me to find one and I might end up working some where I really might regret later. I also don't want Ryan's parents thinking Im just moving down there just to freeload off of Ryan or them. I heard back from several of them. So Im off to Atlanta again for some interviews. Ill be leaving Thursday morning the interviews are Friday so Ill be able to stay the weekend. I hope I can find something to get into while Im visiting.

Ryan asked his parents if we could go to their beach house for the weekend just the 2 of us. They said just make sure we didn't make to big of a mess. We always clean up our messes so that's not a problem. So that's gonna be sweet a couple nights with Ryan just the 2 of us. I can just picture it now. The race is on Sunday from Vegas so we can cuddle up and watch that together before I head back. I hope at least one of the interviews turns out good. This long distance and the miles between me and Ryan is killing me.
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