I was out the other night with some friends who are straight and they ask me since I'm gay if I wanted kids? I told them of course I do. I want at least 2 or 3. They wondered how was I going to do that since me or Mikey neither one can have them. First I said well yes we can cause we have the spunk to make babies. Then I went on to tell them being gay we have to come up with different ways to have babies. One way I think is to take a page out of Queer as Folk and find a couple lesbians that also want kids and do an exchange type thing. Another way is a close female friend that would have the baby for us.

I am sure there are other ways to get around it so the law can't mess with us also. I do know that I would love to have kids and I think Mikey does also so when we get to that part in our life then we will find a way to have kids. I am sure there are a lot of gay couples out there that have kids and know a few tricks to get around the laws so when the day comes I will worry about it then. Could you even think about me and Mikey having kids. Omg just think about how cute them kids would be. Ok so I got a big head. Hey a boy can dream right?

Later from Atlanta.
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