Our Brokeback Mountain

If you remember one of my answers to the questions we answered a while back. It had to do with how you handle being gay. I answered about how I don't tell my mom where Im going when I go to Ryans. I tell her Im going on fishing trips. I haven't seen the movie but Ryan said that's the same excuse one of the guys use in Brokeback Mountain when he goes to meet his lover.

The reason I mention the movie is this weekend me and Ryan are gonna have us a little get together. Just call it our Brokeback Mountain. Im not going all the way down to his house. Were gonna meet in Charlotte the place where I first met his sexy little ass. Omg that brings back memories. Of course the best memory is me losing my virginity. I wont go into all the firsts it was for me cause some don't like hearing all the sex talk. Lets just say it was the best time of my life and I know it's gonna be a repeat this weekend. Wish me luck but Im sure the fish will be biting.
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