This Week's In's And Out's

I haven't had a good week really. I have had a stomach thing going on for a couple days but I feel better now. Thanks to the blog you all always make it fun to come and post everyday. All comments are welcome unless they get like a few this week and were hateful or hurtful. From now on when we get comments like that we are just going to edit the comment and ban the person from leaving a comment. Don't get me wrong I don't mind at all if someone disagrees with us on a post. Let's talk about it but don't get nasty or hurtful we can talk like adults.

Now that brings up something I need to say. I made a promise not to start a blog war again but I feel I need to speak my mind on this. I went to a blog I normally don't go to anymore but thought what the hey I'll peek in and see what's up. Well he had a post about United 93, not a bad post,I don't always agree with his views but wasn't bad. I was going to comment and tell him good post but when I got into the comment's I seen where this guy left him a comment about a movie that this blogger talked about being fictional. The movie in question is Fahrenheit 9/11 and he gave this guy some links where he read the reviews on the movie. Of course I looked at the links and found out these people would talk bad about the movie all because they are republicans.

Anyway I sent in my comment and of course he didn't let it go through. All because I think I said something bad about republicans I guess. I don't know I'll post my comment at the end of this post so you all can see what I tried to say on his blog. The thing I don't get is he said the same thing as I did. Comment's are welcome as long as they are not hurtful of hateful. He says in his blog he likes debate as long as its done tasteful. I don't think this is true I think he is scared of a debate that's why he wouldn't let my comment go through and many others. I guess if your blowing smoke his way with praise then your comment will go through. Whatever, it don't matter. I just know to stay away from a blog that is so one sided.

My Comment was this.........

E of course you would go with they are owned by the Washington post who supports who? republicans.
David B. Kopel is also a republican so I can see why you would believe what they say but its only their opinion.
Just like Michael Moore had his. Fictional movie Fahrenheit 9/11 I think not more like the truth.
I will have a post on this movie Flight 93 tomorrow with a link that sheds more light on this movie and it might make people wonder.

I want to thank everyone who stops by and leaves comments or sends emails. You all keep this blog going. Thanks for the Love and Support!

Later from Atlanta
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