Somewhat Confused- Idol

Ok I am going to talk about something that don't do well on our blog. I know you people hate when I talk about news and crap like that but I can't help it.

Few things I am confused on yeah I know only a few. Anyway I seen some bloggers talking about a new movie coming out this weekend and you know I have to throw my points in. I am talking about United 93. I hear some people say it's to soon for this movie. I hear other people say its a political thing from the republicans for the November elections. I would believe that from the republicans. They will do anything to keep their seat and with their leaders poll numbers in the toilet they would sell there Mom to keep their seat.

This is why I am confused about the movie. I see nothing wrong with making a 9-11 movie. I think the news or whoever should show that day ever year on 9-11. We must never forget what they did to us. This movie I don't see how they could tell the real story. I mean I hear tell they went back and talked to some of the family members that talked with some of the people on the plane that day. Let me say this and I know I will catch hell from it but if my Dad was on the flight and I talked to him on his cell phone before it went down and they came to me and ask what did my Dad say or what he was going to do what do you think I would say? Same thing as many of the people that talk to their family that day. There going to make them out to be a hero and there is nothing wrong with that but in all honesty we will never know what happen on that plane. Will I go and see the movie yes I will. Will I cry again yes I will just like the day it happened. Do I feel like boycotting this movie like many people say to do because it only helps the republicans. I say bullshit! I don't think the republicans can do much to save their jobs. Bush has done fucked that up for them all. I think they need to give more money from this movie to the families of flight 93 but I know they have bills to pay. All I know is we must never forget what happen that day and the people that lost their lives and if you ask me all the people aboard United 93 were all hero's.

Now I am really going to piss some people off. So here I go what if it didn't happen the way they said it did. Oh you ask what are you talking about well check this out. The real story of Flight 93 Is there truth in it. I think so they bring up some good points. I wouldn't put anything past Bush but if he did do it I can understand why. I am not saying it was a bad thing if it did happen this way. It saved a lot of lives. I say if it did why wouldn't they tell us? I know why they don't think we could handle the truth that we the government shot down that flight. I think we could if that's the truth if it saved many more lives. I think we as a nation could understand and deal with that. But this is Bush were talking about. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass. I heard this somewhere before and I so believe in it "Nobody died when Clinton lied"

Best United Flight 93 Website. Go Take A Look

Quick on American Idol why is Elliott still there? He is the ugliest person I think I seen on there and the judges go on and on about his singing. I tell you this much my dogs howl better than he will ever be able to sing. The wrong person got voted off again Elliott shouldn't have even made it. My opinion only.

Later from Atlanta.
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