You know what I see wrong with this world is hate. Plain and simple it's the hate people have toward one another. Look at what's going on in Iraq. Hell look at that area period. They hate us Americans and Israel why is that I think and what I read it has to do with religion. Now I am not coming down on religion I believe in god but I think people use God as a way to justify the hate they have for another person or race. Either way I think it's wrong anyway you look at it.

Just like in America the Christians use God and the bible to justify hating gays. They look in the bible find words they can use change them around and make it ok to spew hate out of their mouths. The way most Americans were raised gay was bad and there was no other way to look at it. It's been preached that way for years. I think today's kids are better than when I was a kid and way better than when my parents were kids. They are more open minded than we are. Thanks God for that!

My parents have always been open minded. Well my Dad is open somewhat he gets's better everyday. Now my Mom she as many of you know is very open always has been. I don't know what I would have done if she wouldn't have been. I have heard stories of teens running away or being tossed out of there homes all because their parents couldn't handle them being gay. I don't know how any parent could just do that to their kid. Someone they loved someone they brought into this world all because he/she is different. My Mom always tells me Ryan your different honey your unique. Love you Mom!

Later from Atlanta and soon to be on my way to Charlotte.
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