Job Update / HNT

Ive had a couple people email me and even a few ask in comments about my job interviews. If you recall I went to 3 of them the last part of Febuary down in Atlanta. I thought I would give yall a little update on them. To be honest theres really no good news to report. One of them I knew didn't go good as soon as it was over. It was the first one I went to that morning and I was nervous and I reckon it showed. One of the other ones I did hear back from and it wasn't good news. Seems the job went to someone's nephew that had some pull. I can't really be pissed cause that's how I got the job Im at now. My uncle knowed somebody in the company I work for so I think that's called Karma or something like that. Anyway at least the guy had the balls to call and tell me instead of leaving me hanging. The third place is giving me the run around. Call back in a few days,hold on let me transfer you to so and so. So I reckon Im gonna have to start looking again. It's got me down a little bit but Im sure Ill find one eventually.

Our HNT theme this week is butts. Ive always thought mine was a bit on the fat side but Ryan's on the other hand is perfect and delicious if I may say so:)

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