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Another week ahead of us all. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Easter Sunday. I spent the weekend with my family at our beach house as you all know from reading the blog. I have to say I had a really good time with my family. I mean we always have a good time but it just seemed different this time and I really enjoyed being there with them. Of course I wish Mikey was with me but it just couldn't be but I know soon we will be. I did talk to him many times this weekend and we were nasty a few of them times. It will hold me over until we hook up again.

I know a lot of people went to church on Easter Sunday and I see nothing wrong with that. I myself am a Christian a Gay Christian. Now I know a lot of people say well you can't be both and I say yes I can. How dare anyone tell me what I can or can't be. Why I am bringing this up in the first place is what the Pope said over the weekend in his Easter service speech sitting on his high horse like he is God or something. He just pissed me off I guess and he has a right to his feelings and to say what he want's but so do I and just like the ass in the white house we have another sitting at the head of the Catholic table.

This is a some of what he said....

"Pope Benedict XVI called for the "filth" that surrounds society to be cleansed and said the world is in the grip of "a diabolical pride aimed at eliminating the family".

"Lord, we have lost our sense of sin," he said. "Today a slick campaign of propaganda is spreading an inane apologia of evil, a senseless cult of Satan, a mindless desire for transgression, a dishonest and frivolous freedom, exalting impulsiveness, immorality and selfishness as if they were new heights of sophistication.”

You know I think the Pope should look at his own backyard before he runs his mouth about other people. I mean shit look at all them Priest that molested all them boys over the years. I think Gays should be allowed to adopt kids. I think we could do so much better raising kids then most straight families. Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of good straight families out there doing a great job like my parents. There are a lot of kids out there that need good homes that are in the states custody that would love to have a family to call their own and just because were gay they think were not good enough or were going to change the kids and make them gay. I know for a fact that people just don't change and become gay we are born this way. So Pope get over it!

Later from Atlanta.

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