Answering Some Emails

I reckon I should have expected some emails from a few readers after I made my post last Thursday about me and Ryan's last weekend together. They got on me about having unprotected sex and gave me the lecture about it. Trust me Im 20 years old and Ive read quite a bit on the subject and know the dangers and consequences. Ryan and I discussed it at great length and decided it was something we want to do.

Ryan hasn't been with that many guys and I have never been with any other than him. He has been getting tested all along and I had never been tested but we went together when I was down there and did it. He said it was ok if I wanted to use protection and he wouldn't be offended by it. So it was my decision not to I guess.

This is just my feelings and Im sure others will say theres better ways to feel closer to somebody but I love the feeling when Ryan and I are together and I don't use a condom. I do want to thank everyone for their concern but were big boys and know the consequences.

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