Best Friend

Not much going on and we don't have any weekend plans. Just hanging with some friends and missing Mikey. I think were cooking out this weekend. I believe its a big thing for everyone this weekend. You all have any plans this weekend we would love to hear about them if you do. Oh talking about friends I think I have talked about it before but I am a dog person and being gay I have to stick with little dogs. I don't why it's a gay thing but I been told it is. I wanted to share one of my best friends with you.

Oh tomorrow I am going to do a post on a Nascar / Busch car driver that was killed. I know most of you are not into racing and I know we bore you sometimes when we talk about racing but since I love the sport I feel when a driver is sadly taken away from us I should do a post on them to show how much we love what they did for the sport we love. Now on to pics of one of my best friends.

Later from Atlanta.

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