Cuddling / HNT

These last few days I been missing Ryan more than usual. Maybe because I got pissed at that comment and wondered how he was actually doing. The biggest thing I miss about not being with him is the cuddling. I know yall was probably thinking the sex is what I missed and I do miss that to. But just laying in bed cuddling is the best. Kissing his cute little face and I just love nibbling on his ears. I remember one of the times I visited him. There was a Nascar race on and we spent the the whole race naked with him sitting on my lap just kissing and cuddling. I take that back we spent almost the whole time cuddling. There was something blocking my view and I had to take care of it then it was back to cuddling.

Just one pic today but were both in it. I think Ryan's brother took it the last time I was at his house. Sorta goes with the cuddling theme. If you haven't done it all ready go check out the new blog It's Raining Men that was just started recently.

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