Bubble Bath / HNT

Last time I visited Ryans house he turned me on to one of the things he does to pamper himself. He takes long hot bubble baths not everyday but about twice a week usually. He has this huge bath tub in his bathroom and he gets the water nice and toasty. Then he puts somekind of bath oil in that makes the water feel real silky like and bubbly. It's hard to explain but it's really smooth on your skin. I forget the name of it but I looked around where I live and we don't have it up here. That's a shock. I hate to admit it but I had never had a bubble bath before. It's something I just never thought about. But he asked me to join him in the tub on my last visit to his house. Of course I jumped at the chance. I got in first and then he sat in between my legs. We spent the next hour just cuddling and rubbing each other in all the right places. Ok If you was wondering we did make love and it was great. First time I had did it in water other than the shower. Ive had several bubble baths at home since and every time I think back to that first one we had together. I know we'll have plenty more in the future.

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