Boy when I get the flu I really get the flu! I hurt all over. Mom is taking me to the doctor tomorrow. Early today I was trying to go downstairs and I got real dizzy and fell down the stairs. I got me a real nice bump on my head now. It even bled a little which sure did freak mom out. She said that the flu has my equal something off that keeps us balanced. I don't know all I know is I fell and it hurt. So tomorrow it's off to see the doc.

I want to take a second and tell you all about a new blog that has been started. It's mainly for gay men of all ages but everyone is welcome. What we want to do with it is maybe help some other gay men out there. Maybe their in the closet maybe they just have questions and have nobody to turn too. It is founded by a group of bloggers and more people will be added later. The posts will be about all kinds of topics. I think having a range of ages being a part of the group will help. Stop in and check it out. It's Raining Men.

I thought I would leave you with a pic of my town. It's been a while since I put a pic of Atlanta up and I think it just looks so cool at night.

Sick in Atlanta.

Ryan's mom emailed me a pic of his boo boo this morning and I wanted everybody to see it. I wish I was there to kiss it and make it all better.

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