Catching Up

I thought I would tell everyone about my Mothers Day weekend that just passed. Saturday I slept a good bit cause I had worked the previous nite. I wanted to be rested since the race was on that nite. I spent the whole race talking to Ryan on the phone. I feel bad I can't be with him when he's sick. I'd love to be there to spoil him worse than he already is. But I know his mom is doing a good job of taking care of him.

Sunday I took my mom out to dinner. She's funny cause she don't like going out to eat. She says it's a waste of money and she can fix anything at home for less than half they charge in restaurants. But I kept bugging her and she finally did go and we had a good time. She don't care much for flowers so I got her one of those planters that have several plants in them. She loves those. She separates them into different pots.

I hope my update didn't bore you to much. Unlike Ryan who can write about anything sometimes I think Im boring but maybe Im to hard on myself.
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