A Freak Or A Stalker?

Normally I'm a very anal person about what's going on around me. I think my dad working for the government and his line work has made us live a little different. A few times I have let my guard down and something bad has happened to me. Like a year and a half ago when I got beat up for trying to belong. Long story most of you know about it. Some new readers may not so let me just recap. I was beat up by some school mates for being gay. They invited me to a party. I played on the baseball team with them and I wanted so much to belong and for wanting something so much I let my guard down and ended up in the hospital with broken bones.

Now I got you up to speed let me bring you to what happen yesterday. I hardly ever go to a public pool for the fact I have a pool in my back yard but my friends wanted to go to Welcome All Park in College Park so I finally let my guard down and said ok I'll go with you. I am not big on public pools at all. Nothing wrong with them just not been big on them and you think me being a swimmer in school it wouldn't bother me. Anyway we get there and it's busy. Of course it would be. I see some people I went to school with and got to talk to them for a while. I haven't seen them since I was in school so catching up was nice. Out of the corner of my eye I see this guy just staring at me.

I thought maybe he's not really looking at me so I look away and look again and he's still looking at me. So I move so he can't look at me anymore and he moves. Now I am getting freaked out so I tell my friends this dude is freaking me out he keeps looking at me. My one friend said I'll go see what his deal is so he did and the guy said oh your friend looks like someone famous. It still made me feel very strange. So I didn't see the guy for a little while and then all of the sudden I seen the guy moved and he could see me and he was still watching me and I was freaked out bad.

I told my friends look I can't stay anymore this guy is freaking me out. They were like ok we can go. So I went into the changing rooms to change out of my wet trunks. Thinking my friends were right behind to change also I didn't think anything about going in first. I got to my locker and drop my shorts and I heard this guy shout Ryan. I turned around and there was that dude I was like fuck! I said how you know my name? He said I use to read your blog and really liked you until you upset me. I was like upset you? He said yes you made me very angry and I have waited on the chance to tell you. I said how you know where I live Atlanta is a big town?

He said when you posted that pic of the water fountain in the center of town and pics of your farm it didn't take me long to find your little town. I ask what have you been doing following me? Now mind you the whole time this is going on my friends haven't came in yet and I am standing in front of this stranger naked. He said yes when he seen me in my town and seen what I drove he followed me everyday until he got a chance to get me alone so he could tell him how upset he was at me. I ask him what have I have done that has upset him.

He went on to tell me that he also read another guys blog and when I talked bad about this guy it upset him. I ask him so now you have me here alone what are you going to do? I was talking real loud and I even screamed the alone part hoping someone would come to help me. Nobody came. I said you going to beat me up or rape me what? He said no I am not like that I am going to embarrass you like you did my friend. I ask what are you talking about he went on to tell me the other blogger he felt I did wrong.

I am not going to say his name and I'll explain why at the end of this post. Anyway he took out a camera and started snapping pics like crazy then I said oh so this is what is all about taking pics of me naked for what to put on the net? He said yes your boyfriend talks about your big cock all the time I think its time for everyone to see it. I said to late for that cause many already have. I am like still freaking out. Finally I heard this loud noise and then I seen cops and they took the guy down. I guess when he seen me coming in he locked the door and locked my friends out.

Since I can't hear well I didn't hear them beating on the door so they called the police and they busted down the door. My dad came also and went crazy on this guy. Luckily he won't be putting them pics out on the net. Oh the reason why I can't say anything about this other blogger they don't know if he knows anything or not so I was not to talk about his blog or his name until they are done looking into it. All I know is it scared the shit out of me and one of the main reasons I don't go to many public places. Sometime I'll have to write about when I was younger and someone shot up my dad's car and shot into the house.

A little freak out in Atlanta.
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