Going Crazy

Omg was I going crazy when Ryan called me and told me about him going to the pool and this nut approaching him. Of course he was all up set and crying telling me and I was mad as hell. He's had a couple instances of people harrassing him including the one time he got beat up by those 3 assholes from school at a party. He's a smart guy with a cute head on his shoulders so he handled it as well as could be expected. It's a shame the way someone has to keep an eye out all around them for nuts ready to do you harm. It is a sorry sad world we live in.

On a happier note and for those few that are interested my Nascar driver Kasey Kahne won the Coca Cola 600 Sunday nite. It's the longest race of the season and takes over 5 hours to run. Omg he was cute in his firesuit when he got out of the car all happy and sweaty. Ryan called me later all excited about it cause he likes him too. Kasey winning put him in better spirits so Im doubly happy today. The pics below are from the race Sunday nite.

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