Hang In There Sweetie

I came home from work this morning and seen Ryan's sad post. I hate seeing my sweetie so sad. I talked to him later in the day and was trying to cheer him up. He knows Im looking hard for job oppurtunites down in Atlanta. If he can just put up with me being so far away for a while longer then hopefully we'll be together for good. I know he beats the boys off with a stick down there but Im not to worried about that. He tells me when guys flirt and come on to him. I know he could have his pick of any guy if he wanted but he's picked me.

The weekend was awesome but I knew it would be. I wont go into details only to say the sex was better than ever. We had fun at the race even though neither of our drivers won. My driver Kasey Kahne finished 34th cause some idiot on his crew forgot to hook up two spark plug wires. OMG I was pissed at such a stupid mistake so I know he had to be. Ryans driver finished 37th after he got in a wreck with just 10 laps to go. We still had a blast though because we were together. I always have a good time when Im with him and no I don't mean the sex. I mean just talking to him and hanging around together.

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