Just Some Thoughts

With Mothers Day coming this Sunday I thought I would write a little something about my mom. My mom has always been my best friend. Growing up I didn't have many friends my dad use to tell her she protected me to much. Maybe she did but she always told me I was her special angel. See I was a premature baby and they told my parents I wouldn't make it. When I did mom said I was her special angel. So she did maybe over protect me but I understand why she did.

When I was 12 I remember being so sad and mom ask me what was going on and I told her nothing. You know how a 12 year old boy keeps things to himself. A few days went by and I remember mom took me out to the beach house. Just me and her and we had a long weekend together. I remember her telling me I could talk to her about anything no matter how big or small and I said I know mom. Maybe an hour went by and I told her there was something on my mind and I wanted to talk to her but I was scared. She made it clear that no matter what she would be there for me.

So I went on to tell her my feelings I had towards boys and I was sad cause I didn't have any friends. She told me that it was going to be ok that she had a feeling that I might be gay but if I wasn't sure we could find someone to talk to about it. She told me no matter what she would always love me but until I was sure best not tell dad. Just like a mom huh? Then she said Ryan you are a very shy boy and you need to reach out more to make friends but if you can't just remember I can be your friend. I know when she said that the love she had in her eyes just made me cry. So from that day on my mom has been my best friend.

I just thought I would share that little bit about me with you all. Mom if you read this just know I love you very much and you will always be my best friend.

Later from Atlanta.
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