Hate a strong word that hurts a lot of people but we all do it. Yes I am guilty of hate. There are some people I know from the blog world that I just hate. Ive never met them in person I just know I hate them. There are people right here in my town I see sometimes everyday they also never done anything to me hell maybe they never even spoke to me. I just have this feeling I hate them. I wonder why this is?

I think in the gay community the hate among gays are stronger. I don't know why this is. It just seems to be to me. We all have our clicks we hang with. Like me most of my click is women or older men. Not many men in my click at all to be honest. Yet we see another click and we talk about them just like I know they are talking about us. Seems gay men hate other gay men and I also am guilty of this. I just don't know why.

Hate a strong word that hurts a lot of people.

Later today I am flying out to meet up with my honey in Virginia. I am so happy all I know is room service tonight. I don't want to leave the room. Yes lots of sex when we are together but just like in my baby's post yesterday it is more than just a hook up. I believe Mikey is my soul mate and I can't wait for the day we live together as one and the day he asks me to be his husband I will be the happiest boy in the whole world and I will invite you all to come to the wedding. Well not the ones I hate!

Have a wonderful, fun and sexed up weekend I plan on it!
Later from Atlanta on my way to Richmond.

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