Idol Shocker? Not!!

Ok am I the only one that is really not shocked that Chris was voted off. I mean come on people he was good but was he great I don't think so. I think he will go on and make a cd and do good at it or maybe just another Bo Bice who knows. What I seen from Chris is the same thing every week and he didn't change much on his singing and a few times I think he got himself in trouble trying to rock out songs that his voice couldn't do. I really do believe he will go on and make a cd and I think it will sell I think he will be just fine.

This is all over the net Chris on Ryan's radio show.

This is the band Fuel asking Chris to be their lead singer

What is a shocker to me is that Elliott is still there and in the top 3 omfg what is America watching? This boy can't sing worth a damn if you ask me. Go ahead bash me over this I don't care I am just saying what I feel. It has nothing to do with his looks or anything else. I am talking about his voice and the judges going on and on like he is the next Elvis,please. If for some freaked out reason he ends up winning the show I see another Ruben on American Idols hands. He will do his album and it will flop and he will go away and never be heard from again.

Katherine omg what can I say here again I don't know what America is watching but after this past week yeah she needs to go. Thats all I got to say about her.

Taylor you got my vote ease up on the crazy dancing a bit and I think you will win. I see Taylor as a guy that you can promote and sell cd's and sell concert tickets. Like Kelley & Clay. Taylor can be a money machine. His heart is into music and it shows. My vote goes to Taylor to win it all! Did that make you happy mom?

My thoughts on Idol. Later from Atlanta!

Thanks to Fox for the Pics.
Thanks to Extra and Ryan Seacreast radio show.
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