Favorite Body Part / HNT

The pic of Ryan this week is one we have posted before. He told me I could choose my favorite pic of one of his body parts and use it. Since Im not gonna be posting any pics of his nice big cock this is my second favorite body part. I joke with him all the the time and tell him I would rather kiss his ass than his mouth. He knows I only kid. I mean look at him hes adorable. I had seen plenty pics of it before we met but that first time we met and he took his cloths off before we showered I was like OMG its perfect. Then I got to put my hands on it when I was soaping him up. It's so soft just like a babys butt.He's so tight to just like he was made for me.

My pic this week is just another pic of my chest I had from awhile ago. We hope you like them both.

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