Toys & Questions

Ok you know I don't hold much back so I have some questions I thought you all could give me some input on. First I want to talk about sex toys. I use them and have lots of fun with them. When I first met Mikey he was a virgin and we never hid that fact so I was his first and hope to be his last! With that said he never played with any toys and I waited for a while before I introduced him to how fun toys can be. Now we don't use them every time we have sex but we do use them. Since Mikey lives so far away I use them a lot and when were having phone sex I use them. I am trying not to get to nasty here but I was wondering do any of you use sex toys? Here is a pic of some of mine.

Now I have another question. As you all know we do the HNT thing and me and Mikey have some very private stock of pics. There are a few I think we could use but Mikey thinks it might be to much for the blog. So my question is this. Is a pic of me with jizz on my belly and chest too much to show on the blog? Be honest either way on your feelings on this. We respect your thoughts and want to keep our readers so if you think it's to much just say so.

The weekend was good and restful for me I didn't do much. I went shopping a little bit with Mom. We didn't buy much it was just some time away from everything so we could have time for just me and her. Yes I am a big Momma's boy and damn proud of it. We use to spend more time together than we do now so every now and then we just get away the two of us and just spend the day together. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to your thoughts on this post.

Later from Atlanta.
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