My Two Cents

I was just going to let this pass without saying a word but I can't. Immigration and the big protest that the Spanish people took part in yesterday. The only thing I agree with is that we shouldn't make it a crime if they are here. With that said I think what they did yesterday didn't do a damn thing to help their cause. Only thing it did was hurt the company's they work for. Now if I have to hear one more time they do the jobs that Americans don't want I am going to scream. They do the jobs that Americans won't do for the money that the job pays. I say if they pay Americans the right amount they would get out and pick the tomato's or whatever. I hear it will drive up the price of produce. Well I for one wouldn't mind paying a higher price for produce if they were paying there workers a decent pay.

Now I am not coming down on illegal's in this country. I think everyone has a right to be here if it's done the right way. I feel I have a right to speak up since I am treated like a second class citizen in my own country. So please don't throw any racist crap up on me for speaking my mind. I just don't feel what they did yesterday solved a damn thing. Only good thing was us Americans didn't have to wait to long in the Walmart line. The fast food places wasn't crowded and the post office in and out. So what did they think would happen? All I see they did was hurt the small businesses. I know my Uncle has a small company and had some Spanish people working for him. They didn't show up for work so he let them go. I don't blame him for doing it either. Don't worry I know my Uncle and he did it however he had to so no laws were broken.

I am sure there is a way to fix this problem I am just not sure what it is. I do know cause my Dad works for the government that we need to protect our borders better and it needs to start at the Mexico border. I mean if all these Spanish people came across just think of what Al Qaeda can do if they use Mexico to come across and get into our country. I see a big problem there that needs to be fixed. I am not saying put a wall up but something needs to be done. I also think the Mexicans that are here we need to do something about getting them their papers so this crap can stop. Also this is an immigration issue and the Mexicans need to understand that this is not all about them. We have other groups here that this affects.

One last thing and this will get to some I'm sure. I think that this is another way for Bush to pit people against each other and I think us as Americans are letting him do it. People need to wake up and see what this man is doing to this country of ours. Just think we have two more years of his crap unless us as Americans stand up and do something about it. What can we do you ask? Vote! We need to get people in that won't work with him so he has to change his ways to get things done. That is the biggest thing we can do as Americans is vote! Also write your congressman or woman and tell them your thoughts. I have and I have got letters and emails back from them. So I know they do get them. Stand up be counted!

Later from Atlanta.
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