4th of July Spectacular!

You question me!! I question you with the 4th of July almost here and it was time for your big show what happen. Time for you to be honest and you couldn't cause if you did people and your readers would have known you was a fake!

Little of what you said...........

What will this "Spectacular" entail??? Some of it I wish to keep secret for now. But it will be unlike anything you have ever seen in blogger land so far and will likely see again anytime soon. It will be an hour to an hour and a half of constant posts one after another. They will start fully clothed in some stuff I have purchased from International Male and have been waiting to "fit into" and get progressively more "revealing." Down to and including the birthday suit by the end. In between will be a vast array of underwear, g-strings, thongs and some "theme" stuff. And yes I even envision 2 or 3 VIDEOS worked in, attempting to actually dance in very little as I did for 12 years once upon a time. I am a little out of practice... so you'll have to live with that LOL.
If it appears that weekend might not be good because many might be traveling and not have access to be there… then I might move it back a week or something. As it stands now though, the GRAND UNVEILING will be on July Fourth from 12-1pm EST and then those face shots will be taken back down again right after.

I was willing to let things go and move on past this bump in the road but people seem to love this bump. You have the balls to attack, threaten and call me fake! People who have been apart of this blog forever knows I will not back down from a threat. You have the balls to copy my post and then question me about it or question on how I comment on other blogs. I am going to answer one question of yours and that's it and then it's my turn to show that you are the 1 that is a fake!

The reason I leave short comments on blogs is I don't have the time to give long answers on blogs unless what the person wrote touchs me deep. I believe if I leave some sort of comment on every blog that I have linked the people know I took a little of my time just to give to them. I have many people comment on my posts with 6 words or less and to me 1 word or 20 words I am happy they took a few seconds out of the lives just to give to me. To me that's what comments mean.

Now do we end this blog war now or do we keep it up?

To all the people that read this blog and believes in me & Mikey thank you very much! I am very sorry that ya'll have to witness all this bullshit. It's just I am tired of being threaten and attacked and I am not going to sit anymore and let this guy or his friend get away with putting me down. Jealous people get no where in life!

Angry in Atlanta!
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