Yesterday's post was not one I was proud of but it had to be done. Something good did come from it. Wonder what it was? Your good advice some of you left in comments others emailed either way thanks gang you rock what can I say. Like many you told me I need not focus my energy on the bad guys and give them less time on our blog so that's what we are going to do. So I am going to throw a few things out that we are going to do and not do.

I think me and Mikey open ourselves up sometimes to get attacked. So that is going to bring some changes. Starting today they will be less and less pics of us on this blog. That means no more hnt. I stopped a long time ago talking about my family on this blog in fear for them. Maybe not in the sense someone would hunt them down but just giving out info. I am going to be careful about what I say when comes to personal info where I live stuff like that.

You will be seeing changes coming to this blog some good and I am sure some that ya'll might not like. Just remember all you have to do is leave a comment or send email if we take something away ya'll liked. Im just trying to be careful with all the crap of the last year an half. Funny thing is these people think were going to turn tail and run but look we are still here and will be here until blogging is not fun anymore.

One question I get a lot is why do we post at midnight every night? Like this post here you are reading I wrote at work. Yes I blog at work but no worries here my mom owns the place. Anyway I am not a good speller so I write many posts at a time my mind goes 100 miles an hour. Then I send them to Mikey he checks them for me and then sets them up to be posted at midnight. They post while we our in bed sleeping so the night owls have something to read! J/K

Thanks from Atlanta!
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