For Mikey

I been thinking about Mikey a lot since all this stuff happen to me this past week. I been thinking how special he is to me. How much I love him, how safe I feel when he holds me. I can't wait until next weekend so I can hold him. When he makes love to me I will be in heaven.

Mikey your my rock and without you in my life I am not sure where I would be.
I Love You Babe!

In my eyes
God never made a more beautiful boy
He just grows lovelier to me
There's no one more lovely in all of the world
and he looks at me at times with such surprise
When he sees how special he is in my eyes

In my eyes
Sometimes he makes mistakes
But I'm aware of his faults
His moods go up & down
But that's just because
He's just a man
& giving his love only to me
Without his help, I would be less of a man
Than he thinks I am

In my eyes
Love never changes, all pretend
His mystery never ends
& everything I need as years go by
Makes his love grow sweeter still in my eyes
In my eyes
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