Getting Happy

Only 3 more days till I go to visit Ryan again. The days are dragging by like theres 48 hours in a day instead of 24. He's got all kinds of stuffed planned for us to do over the weekend. He says were gonna go to a few gay clubs while Im down there. Ive just been in and out of one in my life so that should be an experience. He also want to take me riding dirt bikes around the farm. That should be really fun. He's also got shopping planned he says he needs to teach me how to shop. He's the expert so if anyone can it's him. All I know is with all this stuff he's got planned he better left some time for me to get some of that hot ass of his. Hell we'll probably never leave his room the whole time Im there. If we don't I know where Im getting my protein from so it's not like Im gonna starve.
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