HNT / Missing Mikey

It's only been a few days but I am missing Mikey so bad I can't stand it. I know he is me also cause were both burning up the phone. We have talked about him moving and it's looking better everyday. He also asked me if I could come up for a week. This is a big deal for Mikey and I told him hell yes I would. He is working things out so I can come up so I will keep ya'll updated on that.

Last week we had a guest for hnt and it went over well. He sent us another pic for this week. This is a blogger like I said last week we all blog with and he comments on every post we do. He also comments on many of yours. Can you guess who it might be? Show him some more love this week and he said he would send even a hotter pic next week!

Happy HNT from Atlanta!

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