Last What City Sunday

1. This city is one of the ten largest cities in the United States.

2. This city maintains and operates 41 community and neighborhood recreation centers, 232 playgrounds, 173 basketball courts, 112 volleyball courts, 126 play slabs, 258 neighborhood tennis courts, 258 picnic areas, 69 miles (110 km) of hiking and biking trails.

3. This city is home to two of the greatest men's choruses in the world.

4. This city has the most watched PBS station in the United States and was the first PBS station to air Monty Python and other British comedies.

5. This City has the largest gay and lesbian population in the Southwest United States.

This is the last what city Sunday we will be doing thanks so much for playing along. On another note later this week we will have a post letting everyone know what we our planning on doing about blogging. We are just sick & tired of all the crap going on and being accused and being put in the middle of everything. We talked all day yesterday and we decided so check it out later this week.
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