1 More Day

1 more day and I'll be heading up 2 c Mikey. I just talk 2 him and he is a wreck bout me comin. I wish he wouldn't worry about I don't know how many times I told him I don't care bout money and houses and stuff I care about him. I am gonna b stayin at the Hilton Hotel in Charleston Mikey is gonna come over and stay there with me. I know we will b spendin a lot of time in the room but I told him I want 2 get out and c things 2. I will also b takin some pics of that area and sharing with ya'll so stay tuned 4 that.

I know we haven't been posting everyday like we use 2 well we decide to back off a bit 4 summer. We might pick back up in the fall or winter but with all that happen we just decided 2 back away a little but not go away. Hope ya'll don't mind and thanx 4 stickin with us thru all the hell again once a year seems like it comes around. Old news so let's leave it in the past. I do know 1 thing ya'll our the best support group any person could ask 4. I don't how many times I have said it but let me say it again thanx a million!

That's bout it 4 now I need 2 start my packing 4 me week with Mikey.
Later from Atlanta!
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