Almost Heaven West Virginia

I am finally back home from a vacation at the beach with the family. Best time 4 me of course was when Mikey came down. I am leaving this Thursday going up 2 see him. I can't wait 2 c where he grew. I knew this is big deal 4 him he scared 2 death about it. I told him it was ok I didn't care bout what his family has or don't have what I care bout is him. I just want 2 c where he calls home and where a cute little Mikey grew up at.

Sorry 4 not posting 2 much while I was on vacation I just wasn't in the mood and really wanted a break from it. I will do some catching up on ya'lls blog this week I am working now so I have time one good thing working 4 your Mom I can blog at work. I had a good time really last week at the beach just hanging with Mikey when he was there and then just hanging with my family we didn't do much but what we did do we went as a family and it was cool.

I seen lots of stuff going on in the news and it's driving me crazy and I try not 2 write about it on here coz I know ya'll c it 2 but sometimes I have 2. Just so u know I will try not 2 do that coz this is not CNN. Also I am thinkin bout doing HNT this week not sure yet but been getting a few emails form some of u say u miss us doing that. I know that's what put a hole in r ship b4 but like 1 email said if we stop doing hnt also then they win maybe he's right I am not sure so u will have 2 look in Thursday!

Later from Atlanta!
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