Back To The Big City

I don't know when Ive had a better week than the one I just spent with Ryan. He got to meet my mom. She thinks he's a new friend of mine that I go fishing with a lot. She did whisper to me once he's a good looking guy aint he. I just said I guess he is. Camping was awesome we both had a great time. We originally was gonna just take a tent but got to thinking how hard the ground would be. Nothing worse than a rock poking you in the ass when your sleeping. I got poked in the ass by something hard but it wasn't a rock. So I borrowed my uncles pop up camper. It had a nice soft bed in it just right for sleeping or whatever else 2 horny guys want to do on it.

Ryan had a ball in the woods. We was off by ourselves not anyone around for miles. He got to run around naked a little bit and swim nude in the creek so he was in heaven. We got back to the hotel yesterday and showered and got all good and clean. Ryans heading back to Atlanta this morning and I surprised him by telling him Im going with him. I still got the weekend of my vacation left. So Im gonna stay till Monday then he's buying me a plane ticket back home. Which should be interesting cause Ive never flown before. Well he's planning on being on the road by 8 so I got to go wake him up in my own special way which he just loves:)
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