The Weekend

The last week of my life has been 1 of the best! I have travel a lot in my short life my grandparents live in England as most of u know and we go over every year but this past week going 2 Mikey's state and seeing where he come from was the best. I did get home sick a little I think I was missing my Mom more than anything. Mikey did his best 2 make me happt but I told him I missed my Mom. I know I sound like a big baby but I can't help me and my Mom have always been close. Hell she called me everyday I was gone and when we got home she was waiting with open arms and it felt so good.

We didn't do anything this weekend just stayed at my house but if felt good being with my Mom and havin Mikey there. I told him I so much want him 2 move here with me and I think after this past week he is ready 2 be with me full time also. I also know it's gonna b hard on him moving away from his family and the life he knows. I am willing 2 wait 4 as long as it takes 4 us 2 b together full time. We had a long talk about it and we understand each other feelings. I know 1 day we will b together as 1 and what a happy day that will b.

Thanx 2 everyone 4 being there on vacation with me the comments the emails ya'll sent also help and made it 1 great week 4 me. Well this is Mikey's last night here so I gonna go and enjoy him! Thanx again u guys r the greatest people and I couldn't ask 4 better friends 2 blog with!

Later from Atlanta!
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