5th Grade

Yesterday this lady my Mom knows called her and ask if she thinks I would talk 2 her nephew. She told my Mom he was having a tuff time in school and getting pick on coz he can't hear that well and wears hearing aids. He is in the 5th grade so you know how kids can be. My came and ask me and told me all about this kid and of course I said yes I would love 2 help him.

While I am waiting on his mom 2 drop him off so we could have a little 1 on 1 talk I started thinking back 2 when I was his age and elementary school. Kids can be so mean 2 other kids and I often wonder why are kids this way? Is it there parents maybe the neighborhood they grow up in or maybe its just human nature I don't know. I do remember getting pick on, beat up made fun so many times i couldn't even count and why? All because I couldn't hear and wore hearing aids.

I remember being called deaf & dumb I always hated that them 2 words went together. I was deaf not dumb and that hurt really bad. What's the old saying something bout words cutting deeper than a knife. Anyway I guess that's why I was a loner kept 2 myself most the time coz I was just scared 2 talk and have people laughin at me. They would taunt me moving there lips like my hearing aid battery's were dead. the worse was getting chased home god forbid they would catch me.

I guess that's another reason I fell in love with the computer and chatting and blogs and all. From the other end the people didn't know I couldn't hear or that I had health problems and when I did tell them they didn't seem 2 care and that made me feel so good inside just knowing there are still good people in this world. Yes I have ran into a few bad ones hell even had a few leave nasty comments about try 2 bring me down over my disabilities. I don't let them win anymore and I am gonna do all I can 2 teach Jordan the same thing! I will keep ya'll updated on how it goes.

Later from Atlanta!

Things with Jordan went great we hit it off and he totally like my brother and the rest of the family. After we talk a bit he and my brother played xbox 4 a while and I think he needs a few friends in his life and 4 him just 2 b a kid and open up a bit. I think it went really well I will keep ya'll update from time 2 time on him.

For those stopping in for hnt we r takin a break this week with me just getting out of the hospital and all just didn't have time 2 this week. Maybe next week but if you want 2 c some skin check out out other blog it has lots of skin and full frontal 2! The Boys Club

Thanx 4 being u!
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