Country Singer Kills Tamed Bear!

I know I will upset some people with this post but I don't care. When I read this I was upset. I am not a big country music fan but since I met Mikey I been listening 2 it more and more. I like the sound of Montgomery-Gentry until I read this story and now I am so pissed off at Troy Gentry that I threw away the cd's of there's I did have and will never buy anything of there's again. I kinda feel a bit sorry for Eddie Montgomery I don't think he had anything to do with what happen. I will post the story and some links I hope ya'll check out and then I have a bit more 2 say on this topic.

(AP) Duluth, Minn. The manager for Troy Lee Gentry said Wednesday that the country singer thought he had complied with the law when he shot and killed a tame black bear in Minnesota and was surprised when he was indicted.Gentry, of the vocal duo Montgomery Gentry, is accused of killing a tame black bear that federal officials say he tagged as killed in the wild.Gentry, 39, of Franklin, Tenn., and Lee Marvin Greenly, 46, of Sandstone, appeared Tuesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Raymond Erickson in connection with a sealed indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Minneapolis.Authorities allege that Gentry purchased the bear from Greenly, a wildlife photographer and hunting guide, then killed it with a bow and arrow in an enclosed pen on Greenly's property in October 2004.Gentry's lawyer said Wednesday that the federal indictment was misleading."Number one, the bear was not killed in a cage," said Minneapolis lawyer Ron Meshbesher. "The bear was roaming around in a fenced area of several acres, and my client spent almost two hours in a tree stand before he got a clear shot with a bow and arrow."An acre is about the size of a football field without the end zones.Meshbesher said Gentry "is extremely distraught about these allegations. He prides himself as an environmentalist and an avid hunter who respects the fish and game laws of the United States."The bear's death was videotaped, and the tape later edited so Gentry appeared to shoot the animal in a "fair chase" hunting situation, the government alleges.Meshbesher said the videotape was made for Gentry's private use. He said it was edited to remove the time spent waiting in the tree stand, cutting the tape from more than an hour to 15 minutes."They never edited the videotape to make it look like something it wasn't," Meshbesher said. "Nothing was done to hide the fact that this (hunt) occurred the way it occurred."A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney in Minneapolis said federal authorities would not comment on Meshbesher's assertions.Gentry's manager, Johnny Dorris, said Gentry expects to be exonerated.Gentry "relied on the knowledge and expertise of a local guide to obtain the proper permit," Dorris said in a written statement. "Troy felt what he did was legal and in full compliance of the law and was surprised to hear of the indictment."Greenly's attorney, Robert Malone of St. Paul, said his client is pleading not guilty.If convicted, both Gentry and Greenly face a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison and a $20,000 fine.
2006 The Associated Press.

I ask you 2 go 2 peta and send them emails letting them know how upset you are for this guy doing this. You can also go 2 the group website and read what Troy say about all this of course he claims he's falsely accused. I also know a person is innocent until proven guilty but 2 me it looks like 2 me he is guilty. I look at what the Dixie Chicks did compare 2 what this jackass did and people come down on them for just speaking there mind but this jackass kills a tamed bear. Hunting period I don't like but I understand it but when you get stars that hunt 4 just fun is not right. I hope they throw the book at him and he get's the 5 years but we know he won't.
I also see they have a new cd coming out on the 24th I think it was I think peta should have on there website and all the animal websites should have a ban on this new cd lets show Troy how mad we r at him 4 hunting a tamed bear! This pisses me off I can't even type what I'm feeling!

Later from Atlanta!
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