A Fall - A Surprise

What a Monday I had it sure wasn't just another Monday. I went back to work yesterday first time in almost a month. I know I know but remember ya'll I work 4 my Mom reason I can blog at work. Anyway I went out yesterday 2 get the mail and while I was gone the put in these new stopping curbs in the parking lot well I was looking at the mail on the way back in not watching where I was walking and yep I trip right over it. I twisted my back somehow on the fall and it's still killin me this morning Mom said if it don't stop it's another trip 2 the doc. Just my luck!

I want 2 touch on a few things and then I have some awesome news. First 2 the asses that keep tryin 2 bring me down not gonna happen! You will not bully me away from something I like 2 do. Keep doing what your doing and your gonna find yourself in jail coz my Dad is onto u and if he does throw your ass in jail trust me it will be public info then and I will have your mug shot on this blog. So just stop and leave me alone if u don't like our blog then stop readin it. If you think me and Mikey are fake then stop readin it. It's plain and simple there's an red x on top click it and this page will close.

I don't ask anybody 2 read this blog people do it on there own and 4 our regular readers we love u guys so much 4 stickin in out threw the good and bad. I love comments but don't feed off them. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with anything we say. Hell Net Mom does a lot and we love her so much she has a right 2 her opinion just as we do that's what makes us all human. But when your comment is pure hate or bulling that's a different story. Like I said before all comments are welcome good or bad as long as there not hate toward me or Mikey or anyone else that comments on this blog.

Now for some really awesome great news. I have landed an interview with someone famous! That's right this person agree to let me interview him for this blog and I am so freaken happy! Ok I will give you some clues on who it is. He's a race car driver. I went to school with him (but we only talk twice in school) I taught him how 2 swim this past year. Ok that's all I'm gonna say for now but he invited me to the race this weekend in Bristol and I ask him for and interview for this blog and he said yes. So stay tuned for that next week. Come on back get better I got plans this weekend! (hehe)

Later from Atlanta!
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