My Boring Life

Let's see if I can update yall on my boring life. Ive been flooded with emails and comments asking what I been up to. Ok so I had one and it was from Michael from Into The Frey. Anyway not much going on with me. Im either at work or home or up in the mountains riding around in my truck. Oh and talking to Ryan everyday on the phone how can I forget that. Which reminds me I finally did buy the dvd of Brokeback Mountain and I loved it. I mentioned I have been spending some time in the mountains. Theres all kinds of old houses which are now deserted up in the mountains. I like going up there and just imagining what they were like when the familys lived in them. Ive taken a few pics of them and Im gonna post them in the next day or two. So thats my update I told you it was pretty boring.
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