It don't matter if your going 2 school or at a place of work or maybe u think your safe in your own home but r u really? What am I talkin about it's called bulling! Just like Jordan is being bullied now in school as I was a when I was his age in school. I thought maybe in my own home I would b safe from the bulling but I guess not. Let me explain what's going on it seems I have been hacked my Dad is still working on how but they hacked into my yahoo email and myspace and ebay along with this blog. So if you get an email from my yahoo account open at your own risk. I have taken all of those things back with help from my Dad and his co-workers. Feel free 2 send me email on that account but I do have a new 1 but will not give it out unless I trust you

Now with that said am I happy over this fuck no I am pissed the fuck off. I ask why? What have I done 2 make anybody hate me so much they would steal my info 2 hurt me. Is it over this blog? Please just tell me coz if it's still over this blog and weather I am real or not then maybe its time I just tell Mikey close it down and walk away. Maybe it's something else maybe it's coz I'm gay, or white maybe southern, deaf, short got a big cock just tell me. More I sit here and think bout what you tried 2 do the more pissed I become. I tell whoever did it this come 2 me tell me before my Dad tracks u down coz if he tracks u down he will have u arrested but if u tell me and the reason why I might b able 2 stop him. You think your gonna scare me off by bulling me I think not. I am right here your fuckers come get me all you done is make this southern boy very mad!!!!!

Ready 2 fight in Atlanta!
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