Nascar - Google - A Reguest

This is gonna b a short post I just got up I know lazy ass but I got home late from my Nascar weekend last night. I ended up going from Atlanta 2 Bristol and from there 2 Charlotte I am sick of planes 4 a while. I have many things 2 tell ya'll bout my weekend I got some pics 2 share and this blogs first celb interview woo hoo I am so freaken on cloud nine right now. Oh a big thanx 2 google for coming aboard this blog so please check out some of there ads and things on here. There r some other things were workin on 4 this blog but until they happen were gonna keep quiet. I'll have a longer post soon but now I need 2 run off and c the doctor!

Later from Atlanta!

This is a personal message 2 Steve I tried 2 email u what u ask 4 but it keeps coming back so if any of u know him please tell him 2 leave me a message with his email or email me @

Tribute to Marc
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