Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!!

Later today Mikey will be here and I can't wait! What a long week it has been being this was r first fight so 2 speak I want 2 hold him so much! I also want 2 talk 2 him about moving again I want him closer 2 me. If he can't move here then maybe it's time 4 me 2 think about moving there. I know in my heart Mikey is my soulmate coz my soul heart this week when he was hurting. I never knew the power of this blog until this week and ya'lls comments and emails really help. Thanx so much 4 sticking with this blog and lets ride it out until the wheels fall off!

We r working on some posts that we think u might like and gonna maybe bring back something we did in the past that ya'll liked. Also the nascar post will be comin soon also tellin u that don't know about the point system and how it works and all. Anyone have any plans this weekend? Let me know love 2 hear about them. Ya'll know what my plans r beside sex I think we will take the horses out we both like doing that also I know my brother likes takin Mikey out and race the quad runners getting all muddy and dirty boys what can I say!

That's about it I guess I will update and let u know how the weekend went!
Later From Atlanta

I want Reed 2 win this weekend!

We want Kasey to win the Nextel Cup but he can't then we want Jeff I wanted Jimmie to win it but don't look like that will happen now!
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