New Show

I am not a big TV person seems I never have time 2 sit down and watch something. I do have my favorite shows I do watch but never get 2 check out many new 1's. I love ER I have watched it since I was a kid Mom got me hooked on it been watching ever since and still love it. Then there is House love that show other than that I don't watch much anything else. Reality shows never been my thing other than American Idol and I did get into America's Got Talent thought it was an ok show. Mikey is the one 2 talk 2 about reality shows he watches them like crazy. This year I seen previews on TV for this new show and I made up my mind I was gonna check it out so I did and I am totally into the show now. Oh the boy in it caught my eye he is freaken hott!

The show is called Kidnapped it's on NBC.

Go to there website and check it out! I think you will like it a lot also! Heres some pics from the show don't you think the boy is hot? Do any of you have any shows you have to watch? Maybe some news 1's that came out that you like? Let me know I'll check them out. Oh the boy in this shows name is Will Denton just incase you were wondering. Have a good weekend ya'll!

Later From Atlanta
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