A Little Bit Out

Well I had a blast at Ryan's over the weekend but I didn't expect anything less. I got home late Monday nite then had to work early Tuesday morning. So I didn't see my mom until I got off work and she had a bit of a shock and surprise for me. She never was one to beat around the bush about anything so when she came right out and asked me are you gay Mike it did surprise me but I wondered why she hadn't asked a long time ago. Seems she noticed the mood I was in last week with the fight I had with Ryan then I up and went on one of my "fishing trips". I reckon it was one to many trips to buy for her. Anyway she also was in my closet in my bedroom while I was gone and seen the teddy bear Ryan sent me but that wasn't all she seen. She also seen some other things Ryan sent that I wont mention here just to say they were personal items. So she asked and I didn't hesitate a second. I said yes I am I have been for a long time what took you so long to ask. She didn't cry or anything but she said she was confused and didn't understand. You have to understand my mom had me when she was in her early 40's. She's 63 now and the era she come from you didn't come out and say your gay. That and living where we do you just don't come out and be gay. So she's never known a gay person and the first one she meets is her son. We talked for a while and she asked all the usual questions. How do you know your gay. When did you realize you was, that type of stuff. She said the boy you brought here over the summer Ryan so he's your boyfriend. I said yes he is and I've been going to visit him in Atlanta when I've told you I been going on fishing trips. That was about all that was said on the subject.

I reckon in a way this came at the right time. I've decided that Im moving to Atlanta, there's not a definite date yet but it's coming soon. I wanted to tell my mom I was gay before I moved out and that took care of itself. There's one more person I want to tell and that's my uncle that Im real close to. I think now that I've said it once the next time it's gonna be a bit easier.

I almost forgot to tell yall about my little meeting with Travis. I asked Ryan if he knew where he like to hang out and he knew a few places where he might be. I wanted to go by myself but he wouldn't let me. We did run in to him and Ill tell the truth I was ready to kick his ass but Ryan wouldn't let me. He said he wasn't worth getting in trouble over. So there was no touching other than me poking him in the chest with my finger. I pointed out to him that I was going to be moving to the area real soon and it would be real easy for me to find him so cut the name calling shit out or else. I don't think he'll be a problem anymore.
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