Reed Sorenson Part 2

Ok so here is some of the interview I had with Reed and some more pics. It was requested by Reed's people I send them the post first to get an ok. I have no problem doing that and I totally understand why so I am not upset in anyway. I just to say it was his people and not him there will be more later but this is all I had time to do and get it aprove coz were going 2 the beach house for the labor day weeknd. Mikey surprised me last night when he gets off work today he is driving down to spend it with me!!!!

1. Do you get to watch any TV and if so what do you watch?

Reed. It would either be King of the Hill or The Simpsons. Those adult cartoon comedies are pretty funny. And I love Family Guy.

2.What time you get up and go to bed?

Reed. It varies. I go back and forth, but I'd probably have to say I go to bed somewhere between 11 and 12 at night and I get up anywhere between 7 and 9:30 in the morning. It depends on the situation. If I've got something early I have to do I have to get up no matter what but if I don't have anything, sometimes I'll sleep in a little bit. It all depends.

3. Do you have an ipod if you do what's on it?

Reed. Yes, I do. It's got about 1,000 songs on it -- about 500 that I listen to and the other 500 that I don't. What I'm picking and choosing to listen to definitely depends on my mood. If you've got to get in a fast-paced mood, you've got to listen to some Eminem or something like that. If you just want to relax, you've got to listen to some country music. Rascal Flatts is probably my favorite country group.

4. Do you like other sports beside Nascar?

Reed. Yes swimming thanks to you of course I am a big Atlanta Braves fan along with the Falcons.
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5. You have a goal in life?

Reed. Yes win a Nextel Cup championship

6. You have a guilty pleasure?

Reed. Wow your pulling out everything (laughs) Yes Eating a lot because I really like to eat, a lot. And I like to eat anything. I try to eat healthy stuff, but I enjoy eating candies and stuff like that a lot, too. Skittles is probably my favorite brand of candy.

7. Are you dating anyone?

Reed. You know that answer. (Yes he is he has a girlfriend)

8. What is your favorite track to race on?

Reed. I consider Bristol one of, if not my favorite track on the circuit. I
grew up racing on short tracks and I always look forward to those races
on the schedule, especially Bristol. We had a solid run there early in
the season in the Cup car and we had two really good runs at the track
last season in the Busch car. You have to have a good handling car at
Bristol, but also a lot of luck because anything can happen. There is
plenty of beating and banging, and it's easy to get caught up in someone
else's mess because of the tight racing quarters. It's so much fun
though and I can't wait to get on track

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Some info on Reed thanks to his people!

In 2006 Reed Sorenson takes over the No. 41 Dodge of Chip Ganassi in 2006 after his first full Busch Series season resulted in a pair of victories and a fourth-place ranking.
Ganassi first signed an 18-year-old Sorenson to a driver development contract in 2003, and in '04 he recorded one top-five and three top-10s in five Busch Series starts. He led the fall race at his "home" track of Atlanta for 47 laps. A late accident, however, took him out of the race and marked the only time he didn't finish in the top 15.

Sorenson also started three ARCA races for Ganassi and Felix Sabates in 2004. He won in just his second start in an ARCA car, at Michigan, and finished second and fourth in the other two races.

Sorenson was influenced by his father at an early age, and by the time he was 6 he was beginning to race Quarter Midgets. In 1996 he set qualifying records at both the East and West Coast Nationals.

Sorenson won the Quarter Midget national championship in his fifth season in 1997 and by the time he finished his Quarter Midget career he had won nine Southeastern championships and set 15 different track records.

Sorenson didn't miss a beat in Legend cars, garnering 84 victories, 152 top-fives and 166 top-10s in 183 starts in five seasons.

Moving up to the American Speed Association Series in 2002, Sorenson compiled seven top-10s in just eight starts. In '03, at age 17, Sorenson became the youngest ASA rookie of the year, posting seven top-fives and 14 top-10s in 17 starts to finish fourth in the national standings.

Following his solid performance in the Busch Series in 2004, Sorenson race a full schedule in 2005. He posted victories at Nashville, where he started from the pole, and Gateway in Madison, Ill. In 35 races Sorenson posted 12 top-fives and 19 top-10s.

Sorenson also made his Cub debut in 2005. He crashed in the fall race at Atlanta, then finished 28th in the season-finale at Homestead.

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Ok I hate the photo thing on blogger! I love the last pic of him can you guess how old he was in that pic? Well that's all for now folks I do have another post I want 2 do my Mom had me listen 2 this song today and she said if she could write a song it would have been this one. I will tell you this when I listen 2 it we both cried! You will have 2 wait on that post. Have a safe and fun hoilday weekend!

Later from Atlanta!
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