You Know What They Say "Hard Head Soft Ass"

As if I don't have enough to worry about now Im hearing Ryan's running around eating what he wants,not taking his insulin. His mom called me cause she knew I would get on him to take better care of himself. I tried to explain to him it's the doctors job to get on you if your not taking care of yourself. He's not your friend there to kiss your ass and tell you what you want to hear. I told him thats my job well at least the ass kissing is:)I told him he better start doing what the doctors say or next time I visit were staying in separate rooms. He got the meaning of that and promised to start doing better. We'll see if I get anymore calls from mom now about him and his health.

I also wanted to ask everybody if their having any problems with the pics loading on our blog. Someone mentioned they didn't work for them so I was just curious. Neither me or Ryan have any problems with the blog but we would like to know if others do,so if you do let us know please.

Edit: Sorry my pics were so late coming they just slipped my mind. Thanx Bob for reminding me

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